Components of a LiveBlog system

  1. Admin panel
    • Input updates directly for publishing
    • Add feeds that should be automatically inserted into the content / or approved?
    • Create unique links1 that allow other content editors to add content
    • Display that content to the admin to allow publishing
  2. Publish method
    • Send new approved items to AMQ
  3. Listener process
    • Read AMQ and append to flat HTML
    • Different embed types for multimedia
  4. Renderer
    • Have wrap-around template for the flat HTML

Minimum critical path

  1. Webpage with a form for content
  2. Posts to AMQ
  3. Read by a process, put in a flat file
  4. Included by a template


  1. View / edit previous posts
  2. Published / unpublished state of posts
  3. Add feeds to the blog directly or curated
  4. Allow collaborators
  5. Allow multimedia
  6. Push - WebSockets would be a blast.


Does the admin panel need a database initially? Can we just show the rendered HTML and allow new posts, not editing of old ones?

Should this use that service? That may require a database, but gives us publishing sort of for free via AMQ, and the renderer can be a modified other project. Can inject JSON directly, but only to Solr, not to Apache.


21 October 2013