I have got a proof of concept Playbook app that can stream from forked-daapd, using the iTunes 4.6 protocol (I think). it works, and I’ve even had to fix some memory allocation errors in libopendaapd. That was fun! It worked on the simulator in debug, but not in run, and then not in debug, and not on the actual tablet at all although it did initially. Turns out that some things were being free()d that hadn’t yet been malloc()d, so SEGV. That’s fixed now, and it’ll consistently play a single And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead song. It was the first one in the database. The mmr_* functions make media streaming so easy, I can’t believe there isn’t already a DAAP client app that doesn’t cost a fiver.

It’s been fun doing C again, although if I ever really understand how .c files and .h files relate to variable scope, I had completely forgotten. Objects spoil us all.

The only thing it really needs now is the ENTIRE UI, so one can choose hosts and songs and skip and seek and that. There seems to be frightfully little documentation on the Qt side of the NDK, but maybe that’s because I’m not looking in the right places. I’m going to model the UI on DAAP for Android, because that’s a pinnacle in clear and simple UI design. Emphasis on simple will hopefully mean it’s with my abilities.


01 February 2013