Keeping Regular

It’s very important to keep writing, they say.

Keep your goals public so you are shamed into fulfilling them.

Not a bad strategy. My goals aren’t going anywhere at the moment, so whatever I can try to do to help out is worth a try.


I think my number one priority is to learn Functional Programming.

At the moment this is taking the form of Clojure, but has previously been Haskell and I’ve got a few Scala books too. A problem here is not being inspired to code anything that I can do easily in this new language, so I’m just reading books about programming. Pretty dry.

There was talk of a site that can match up roadtrippers, which sounds quite doable. I should start that.

I’d also like to do stuff with the Launchpads - again, just knowing what to do is difficult. I’m not overflowing with ideas as I assume I used to be (even though that’s probably a lie).

Put stuff on Heroku - use it as a quick way of trying things out. The Mandarin thing should be there, the crossword thing (maybe), etc, etc.

UPDATE : I should alter Instapaper’s read later bookmarklet to also ping IFTTT (if possible - add to an RSS feed or something) so the links get emailed to me. And I’d like to work on the Machine Learning Mandarin character recognition thing, too…


I’d like to learn Mandarin and German using Memrise and Duolingo mainly, but I think that I need to supplement them with other materials (especially Memrise, although let’s see what 1.0 pulls out of the bag in terms of regimented learning). The main problem is regularity - I can still remember quite a bit of Mandarin, but I haven’t done it for ages and it’s rusty.

Maybe start a German club at work? Plenty of people seem to speak it. Just get something regular going on.


Write an EP or something, for God’s sake. You’re pretty good.


Do this! Try fiction, whatever. Just do stuff.

Just Do Stuff


06 September 2012